How will you cope with the Neonicotinoid Ban?

22nd February 2014

Getting your winter oilseed rape crop past the threat of flea beetle will be difficult without neonicotinoids but preventing Turnip Yellows Virus (TuYV) infection by aphids, which are now largely resistant to Pyrethroids will be virtually impossible.

Is TuYV really such a threat? This is what the experts say:

“TuYV is probably the most important, yet least understood, viral disease of oilseed rape in the UK. It is likely that TuYV is one of the principal reasons why commercial oilseed rape crops do not reach their genetic yield potential”. 
(Source: HGCA Research Review No. 69 Turnip Yellows Virus: an emerging threat to European oilseed rape production?)

Fortunately, part of the solution is now available at no extra cost to the oilseed rape grower. Amalie Winter oilseed rape from Limagrain is a short, stiff, early variety with very good all-round disease resistance and it is resistant to TuYV.

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