Resistance to TuYV offers hope for disease control post-neonicotinoid ban

Farmers Guardian - 12th February 2014

Amid concerns over the impact of the suspension of use of some neonicotinoid insecticides on turnip yellows virus (TuYV) control in oilseed rape (OSR), there are hopes a new TuYV resistant OSR variety will help growers limit the effects of the disease.

Winter OSR variety Amalie from plant breeding business Limagrain is the first variety with TuYV resistance to be marketed in the UK, although an earlier variety from the company was entered into official trials in 2009 but was unsuccessful.

Amalie completed National List trials in 2013 and is set to enter HGCA Recommended List trials in autumn 2014 when the performance without a neonicotinoid seed treatment of all of the varieties entered in the trials will be assessed.

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